Dogs are walked in groups of no more than four dogs per handler, and solo walks are also available.
Dogs are not walked with other dogs unless we know they are compatible.
All dogs are walked on lead until such time that we know they will come back when called, and then only with
owner’s written agreement.
Walks can be half an hour or an hour, and are generally taken on local parks or country parks.
We will send photos and videos to you regularly on walks so you can see that your furry friend is having fun.
We have drying equipment at the premises, so should your dog get wet or muddy we can return them to you
dry and clean.
We also offer an additional option of taking your dog to a secure enclosed field for half an hour.
This is particularly good for reactive dogs that cannot be walked off the lead around other dogs. It allows
them to run free and safely which is really good for any dog.
Dogs needing work on recall will also benefit from this option.

We will stay in your home with your pets, in order for them to have as little upheaval as possible while
you are away. Your
dogs will be walked twice a day, fed, water changed, groomed, fussed and played with. All garden
mess cleared up.
Your dogs will also be taken out with other dogs if appropriate.

To allow your cats or small animals to stay in their own home while you are away, we will visit them once or
twice a day.
We will wash food and water bowls, feed to your specification and replace the water in the water bowls.
Litter trays will be emptied and cleaned.
Cages will be cleared of waste and cleaned when needed.
Your pets will receive brushes and fusses and play if they want it.
Medication including tablets and insulin injections can be administered.
We know that not all cats want to socialize with strangers, and so as long as we know that they are safe and
well we will not force our attention on them.

We are insured to take your pet to Vets, Groomers or Boarding Kennels for you if you are
unable to drive them there yourself.

Working in partnership with local Dog Groomers, Dawgtanians Dog Grooming While your dog is staying at B’s Wings we can take him to Dawgtanians for a bath, spruce up and claw clip or full groom. Prices available on request.